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We are proud to introduce the new AtomoSynth Mochika X5. This new version of our all-time classic presents you with a complete redesign in form and substance, for the first time the AtomoSynth Mochika comes in eurorack format, for you to integrate it into your modular system and also in a standalone desktop version, now with a new triangle wave based analog oscillator and an always in tune square wave digital controlled oscillator, and also with a new wave fold effect controllable by voltage, that gives you a refreshed new sound palette that in conjunction with the classic AtomoSynth vactrol filter will free you sound possibilities.

The renewed 16-step sequencer now features 8 parameters per step: step on/off, pitch, cv2, random/cv3, gate time, repetition, retrigger (ratchet), and probability. Giving you the tools to go creative with your sequences. With the high-contrast OLED display and 8 rotary encoders with pushbuttons, now it is easier to see and edit the global sequencer settings and all parameters in real-time. It also features a 34-slot nonvolatile memory to store your patterns. You can synchronize the sequencer with an external clock or midi clock, also controllable by any external midi device for midi note playing and sequence transposition. The New 8 creative playing modes include: forward/reverse sequence, alternate, random, drunk, drone, step-trigger polyrhythm, one shot, and midi control modes. All parameters, patterns, and modes are editable while playing giving you great flexibility to perform live, experiment, and have fun creating.

The new MOCHIKA X5 is built with high-quality components. Now, with high-precision SMD technology, a compact and beautiful laser-cut sheet metal case is finished with electrostatic paint (desktop version). Designed, Assembled by hand, calibrated, and tested with care in Lima - Peru by the AtomoSynth team.


Audio / Video

Stay tune for more sound demos and tutorial videos featuring the AtomoSynth Mochika X5


AtomoSynth Mochika_X5 Sequencer section Quick start guide (PDF)


Available soon.