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We are proud to introduce our new eurorack module, the Tottem version 2. Our legendary drum synthesizer comes back this time with four independent, all-analog percussion synth voices. Two of them feature a full percussion synth with triangle and square wave oscillator, an envelope for the “sweep” effect, one modulator with triangle and square wave as well as noise, also a decay envelope for the overall volume contour. These are very flexible generating from powerful bass drums, toms, clicks, all the way to “laser gun” and weird glitch sounds. The other two voices feature an oscillator with “metal” and square wave, a white noise generator, a mixer, and also a decay envelope. These are great to produce metallic sounds like hi-hats, crashes, cymbals, clicks, beeps, and all craziness in between. Combining the two synth voice types you can expand the possibilities even further for more complex sounds. Finally an output mixer with individual level controls and outputs for each voice and a master output. The new Tottem produces a “raw” organic character sound, that does not emulate any drum machine and stands apart from the very polished and over-processed digital drum synthesizers and samplers, giving you a new sound to enrich your percussion palette.



AtomoSynth Tottem User guide (PDF)

Audio / Video

Stay tune for more sound demos and tutorial videos featuring the AtomoSynth Tottem 2